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Our Favourite Local Road Rides!

We've compiled a short list of some of the most popular road rides around the Halifax area. There are many more, but these are our favourites.

The directions and maps are meant to be a guideline only. We recommend that you study the routes and make up your own cue sheets that will highlight the turns you need to know. For longer rides, take note of any stores on the route for refuelling!

Always ride with a spare tune, pump, tire levers and multi-tool. Carry a cell phone and tell someone which route you plan to ride and your expected arrival time!

Click on the maps for further details!

Pucells Cove Loop - 25 km Sambro Loop - 50 km Peggys Cove Loop - 90 km

Aspotogan Loop - 50 km Aspotogan out-back + Loop - 150 km Waverly Rd Out-back - 30 - 100 km

Fall River Loop - 45 km

Waverly Out and Back (Hills) - 52 km Lawrencetown Loop - 60 km

Cow Bay Loop - 30 km