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ProGold PG2000 Penetration Lubricant

ProGold PG2000 Penetration Lubricant
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PG 2000 Penetrating Lubricant is the finest product of its kind on the market. Formulated for industrial, commercial and marine applications, it outperforms and lasts longer than any other general purpose lubricant. Wherever rust, corrosion or "drag" is a problem, use PG2000 for maximum reduction of friction, heat and wear. It not only penetrates through extreme buildup, it also treats the metal surface with a polarized layer of oil molecules that reduces friction and wear and retards future corrosion. PG 2000 provides for the long-lasting, smooth operation of any metal mechanism.

Fast-penetrating, long-lasting lubrication
Breaks down rust and corrosion
Cleans & prevents electrical corrosion on battery terminals, electric tools, and motors
Resistant to most acids and caustics
Speeds up drilling and tapping – cutting edges stay sharper longer
Reduces noise
Aerosol containers are ozone safe

Part Numbers

787769330103 348303-01 PG221605471E