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Profile Design Aris Road Stem (+/-25-degree rise)

Profile Design Aris Road Stem (+/-25-degree rise)
Clamp Diameter:
Steerer Diameter:
1-1/8-inch and 1-inch
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Profile's Aris stem is a no-nonsense stem made from 6061-aluminum that's been shot-peened and anodized for strength and durability. The 4-bolt face plate is stiff, ultra tough and makes handlebar changes a breeze. And, the opposing-bolt steerer clamp is safe and secure.

Stem angle is one of the factors that determines handlebar height. A listed angle of 0 degrees actually provides a rise of 16-20 degrees, depending on the bike's head-tube angle. Flexible, athletic riders prefer lower-rise stems, while recreational riders usually favor higher-rise stems.

Stem length is measured along the side of the stem from the center of the steerer to the center of the handlebar clamp (see diagram). Keep in mind that as a stem provides more rise, its effective length decreases. In the example above, if the +17-degree stem measures 135 mm, it actually extends 108 mm parallel to the ground.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
26/31.8mm / Black / 100mm / 25° / 1-1/8-inch and 1-inch 723660997434 RSA115NT1081 ARI2253392K
26/31.8mm / Black / 110mm / 25° / 1-1/8-inch and 1-inch 723660997441 RSA115NT1181 ARI22619727K
26/31.8mm / Black / 70mm / 25° / 1-1/8-inch and 1-inch 723660997403 RSA115NT7081 ARI21708549K
26/31.8mm / Black / 80mm / 25° / 1-1/8-inch and 1-inch 723660997410 RSA115NT8081 ARI21107475K
26/31.8mm / Black / 90mm / 25° / 1-1/8-inch and 1-inch 723660997427 RSA115NT9081 ARI21444146K
26/31.8mm / Black / 100mm / 7° / 1-1/8-inch and 1-inch 723660997298 RSA83NT1081 ARI21435861K
26/31.8mm / Black / 110mm / 7° / 1-1/8-inch and 1-inch 723660997304 RSA83NT1181 ARI21460176K
26/31.8mm / Black / 120mm / 7° / 1-1/8-inch and 1-inch 723660997311 RSA83NT1281 ARI21403070K
26/31.8mm / Black / 70mm / 7° / 1-1/8-inch and 1-inch 723660997267 RSA83NT7081 ARI20591647K
26/31.8mm / Black / 90mm / 7° / 1-1/8-inch and 1-inch 723660997281 RSA83NT9081 ARI20724360K