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Yeti Cycles SB115 Carbon Series Complete Bike w/ C2 Build
Yeti Cycles has always been a forward-thinking brand, making bikes ahead of their time with a very unique ride feeling, but one thing they also do well is listen to consumer demand and riders’ needs. Introducing the new SB115 from Yeti, a 115mm rear travel 29” bike that really doesn't fit in a normal mountain bike category, which is our favorite style of bike to ride. Yeti previously had the SB100 and SB130 for model year 2020, and while the SB100 is a totally capable XC-ish bike, and the SB130 is a do-it-all trail bike, the gap between the two was apparent and some riders took notice and wanted something in the middle. Splitting the gap perfectly, the SB115 covers this XC+, down country, light trail, or whatever name you wanna put on this bike. For us, it's just exactly what we want to ride. You can do long all-day rides with tons of climbing, or you can go out and blast your way down some singletrack. You would be amazed by what 115mm of rear travel and 130mm of front travel paired with good geometry can handle.
Yeti Cycles SB115 Carbon Series Complete Bike w/ T2 Build
It's time to recalibrate your gray matter with what's happening in racing today. All it takes is "it's on!"—number plates not required. Born to naturally crush the climbs, the SB115 is evolved. Deft on the downs. Designed to race. Built to rally. A Lighter Switch The short-travel specific design of Switch Infinity turned 90 degrees and optimized for lighter weight and efficiency. More Than Added Travel Crushing souls on the descent is more than half the fun. And a hell of a lot more than half the point. The SB115 has 115 genre-killing millimeters of travel, that work harder than ever before. 100% Anti-Squat Longer-Travel Setup, No Downside We custom-tune the shock on every Yeti to compliment Switch Infinity's unique characteristics. Unlike other "short-travel" trail bikes, the SB115's suspension performs best even when set up with sag numbers (30%) akin to much longer travel bikes. We don't leave it to someone else to make every millimeter of the SB115's suspension travel count.
Yeti Cycles SB130 T1
The rebel yell of the middle child. Fed a steady diet of super-tech climbs. The SB130 was built to crush the biggest terrain. No trail "too" anything. Point it up or down. Enter a last-minute enduro just for the eff of it. We say no one bike can rule all. But the SB130? one bike that rules.
Yeti Cycles SB150 C2
"Race bred". It's not just a slogan printed on the SB150 top tube. We've been pinning on numbers and pinning the throttle since 1985.
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