Tire and tube Recycling Program

Drop off your old tubes and tires at Cyclesmith

Tires and tubes wear out over time and it's a shame to have to throw them in the landfill. We are now working with a local material recycler, Halifax C&D Recycling Ltd., to collect all of your used bicycle tires and tubes. Halifax C&D Recycling turn tires and tubes into crumb rubber which is used to make new products such as flooring for equestrian facilities, roads, plastic lumber, furniture and more. None of your old tubes or tires are going to be put in the landfill or be burned for energy.


Halifax C&D Recycling Ltd Gives back

Giving your old tires and tubes to Halifax C&D Recycling does not cost the tax payers any money and helps create local jobs here in Nova Scotia. Halifax C&D Recycling has also contributed to the McIntosh Run Watershed Association to assist in building more single-track trails in Halifax.

Support your local economy!