road cycling routes

Purcells Cove and Sambro loop

Start from Halifax and Ride out the Purcells Cove Road along the shore. You'll be challenged by the steep hills. At the stop sign turn left to continue a longer loop along the coast or turn right to take the flat way back into the city.

Waverley Road

This relatively flat route undulates along Lake William into Waverley where you can connect up with various loops through residential areas to make the most of your day. Challenge yourself on the Fall River hill or just go straight out to Enfield and back.

Aspotogan Loop

This very popular loop starts in Hubbards and heads in either direction along Route 329. Three quarters of the route is along the coast, so no wonder it's so popular. Low traffic and tiny fishing villages are all attractive sights along this very Nova Scotia route.

The Valley

The Annapolis Valley provide endless road cycling opportunities on long flat quiet roads, but not to worry, if you want a challenge the hills are nearby. Start in Port Williams and pick your own adventure.