Places to mountain bike in metro

McIntosh Run Trail System

Park at the end of Albaster Way

This trail system is a unique area that features granite outcrop in an elongated pattern. The trails follow the granite along ridges and frequently connect to adjacent ridges. Some features in this system are advance, but work is currently ongoing to develop beginner and intermediate trails. Once known as Fight Trail, this area is now the first in HRM to be sanctioned by municipal and provincial governments. A second trail enterance at Norawarren drive features beginner trails through a more dense forested area. These trails do not yet connect through to the others, but plans are in the works to make that happen.

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Mountain biking outside of metro

The Railyard - Victoria Park

The Railyard Mountain Bike Park is located in Truro's Victoria Park and contains over 40 kilometers of bike trails. Located minutes from downtown Truro, here you'll find some of the best mountain biking in Nova Scotia. The park is a free public facility and provides mountain bike riding opportunities for all skill levels from beginners through to 'extreme' riders.

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Empire Trails

These private trails in Gore about 45 minutes from Halifax flow smoothly through the forested rolling hills at the back of a dairy farm. Berms, and fun fast descents are prominent features on these purpose made trails. Great for beginners and experts alike, these are fast flowy trails are constantly improving very year. Bring a $5 bill for the honesty box.

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The Gorge, kentville

Site of a 2018 Canada Cup Mountain Bike Race, the Gorge are purpose built intermediate trails in a forsted hillside near the town of Kentville. Although the sanctioned trails are not extensive, they link to many other trails including P2 and the Bird Sanctuary creating a large and fun filled 2 hour loop of mostly fast smooth trails. A small skills park is located at the parking area.

irishmans road

This intermediate trail system is not the biggest, but it has many fun loops and interesting gypsum geography. Based around sports fields and an archery club these trails have a little bit for everyone.


The Wolfville Reservoir is an example of what beginner mountain biking trails should look like. These purpose build singletrack trails are all designed with beginners in mind. Every feature is designed for beginners to be able to move from beginner to intermediate. Three different loops with double track between then and a skills park with many different wood features including a teeter-totter, drops, jumps, wall ride, bridges, and berms. bring your kids here to learn how to mountain bike.

victoria park, truro

This park features trails for all skills levels including a skills park. Lots of berns, technical features, crusher dust, and hills to keep you on your toes. Victoria's Secret Mountain bike Race has been help here every year in May for more than 20 years. Don't forget to check out the waterfalls before leaving.

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keppoch Mountain

Keppoch Mountain is a former ski resort located just outside of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. They have been hard at work the last few years building trails, buildings, and offering up shuttle service for the only DH park in Nova Scotia. There are plenty of cross-county trails here too so anybody can have fun at this park.