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Meet the Staff

Jamie M.

I stopped riding bikes when I was fifteen but eight years ago my wife and I wanted to get rid of one of our cars, so I started commuting to work by bike. I quickly remembered the fun of riding a bike and started riding on the weekends, too. Eventually I gravitated toward charity rides and triathlons and enjoy training and participating as often possible.

I love working in a bike shop and helping people discover (or re-discover) how good it feels to hop on a bike and go for a ride.

Stephane M.

Bicycles remain the most consistent item throughout my life. As a young kid on the farm racing down the freshly harvested fields, as a teenager riding to hang out with my buddies, and as a new kitchen apprentice riding my stress away on the Cabot Trail. At the peak of my culinary career, bikes were my daily escape from reality.

Eventually life, with all its twists and turns, brought me to where I am today, helping customers integrate bicycles into their lives in the same way they have always been an important part of mine.

George I.

George likes bikes.


“Celebrating” over 35 years in bicycle retail.  When I started riding in the late seventies, bikes had five speeds on the rear wheel.  Having been a mechanic, sales crew, buyer, and former bike shop owner, the accomplishment of which I am most proud is being a custom frame builder, with over 100 Tamarack custom bikes on the road somewhere.  As founder of Randonneurs Nova Scotia, I’m one of those crazy rando’s who rides ridiculously long distances in a day.

My favourite bike?  Which one?  I have twenty-nine.


I’ve always wanted to ride a bicycle. I started racing mountain bikes at an early age and still race them today. I also enjoy riding my Cannondale CAAD 10 around the Sambro loop or going for a mountain bike ride on my Kona Honzo AL DL around local trails, especially Fight Trail.  To me, cycling on my own is about exploring more and adventuring on a bicycle, whether I am cycling on my own or with a group of people. It’s so satisfying being on a bicycle. It's good for the mind and body, and always puts a smile on my face.


I started cycling because it was the most efficient way to commute, but it gradually took over my life. Riding means something different to everyone that gets on a bike; to me it's the difference between dreading being in a car stuck in traffic or looking forward to riding home every day (except maybe those few days in February). Whether I’m commuting, touring, or going for a weekend ride, I always get the same feeling when I’m on my bike and that’s what keeps me in the saddle. Left to my own devices, I’d be tinkering with bikes at home. Luckily, I get to do that for my job and help keep other people rolling, too. 


I've been crazy about bikes since discovering my first mountain bike trail behind my elementary school. I ride year-round for fun and as my exclusive form of transportation. I probably enjoy wrenching just as much as riding and spend way too much time in the workshop. I started working as a mechanic in Ottawa in 2009, with a break to finish my degree in mechanical engineering, which I mainly use to bug people when they use the words "tension," or "fatigue" inaccurately.

My favourite things in the shop are wheel building and confusing colleagues with obscure references. My most memorable ride was the last hour of my first 200k, riding a fixed-gear by moonlight after my lights had died.


I got into cycling as an adult when I moved to the North End in 2011. I bought an entry level hybrid with the intention of simply getting from point A to point B. As time went on, I began cycling more and more, and had my first taste of winter commuting during the 2012 Transit Strike. I expanded my horizons by purchasing a mountain bike and started dabbling in road riding, as well as getting involved with the trail building efforts of the McIntosh Run Watershed Association.

When I'm not helping cyclists at Cyclesmith, I'm out for a ride, enjoying a nice meal, local beer, or coffee, or spending an evening playing board games with friends.

Odette c.

Cycling has played a large role in my life. I have been involved in cycling and racing from a young age and cannot remember a time as a kid when I didn’t enjoy riding my bike. Riding is always a fun way to spend time with family and friends outdoors. Through cycling, I have been able to meet some great people and spend countless hours riding and getting to explore different places, including our beautiful coastlines and ripping through single track in the woods.