Meet the Staff


“Celebrating” over 35 years in bicycle retail.  When I started riding in the late seventies, bikes had five speeds on the rear wheel.  Having been a mechanic, sales crew, buyer, and former bike shop owner, the accomplishment of which I am most proud is being a custom frame builder, with over 100 Tamarack custom bikes on the road somewhere.  As founder of Randonneurs Nova Scotia, I’m one of those crazy rando’s who rides ridiculously long distances in a day.

My favourite bike?  Which one?  I have twenty-nine.


My introduction to cycling began in the early 90s when I started work as a bicycle messenger in Toronto. After years of big city life, my interests developed into audax and bicycle touring which led me to the east coast. I joined Velo Halifax and spent a number of years touring, completing numerous centuries, and 'getting roads done'. During that time, my focus changed to bicycle mechanics, and with a newly acquired Bicycle Technician certificate in hand, I was hired by Cyclesmith. The following years were spent commuting, mountain biking, road cycling, touring, and racing.

I took a hiatus from the bicycle scene to explore a new career, however my passion for cycling trumped all that. Three years ago, I came back to Cyclesmith in a new role that allows me to revel in everyone's excitement - it's definitely contagious!

Stephane M.

Looking back, I can safely say that bicycles are and remain the most consistent item throughout my life, for as long as I can remember. As a young kid on the farm racing down the freshly harvested fields, as a teenager riding to hang out with my buddies, as a new kitchen apprentice riding my stress away on the Cabot trail. And finally, at the peak of my culinary career, bikes were my daily escape from reality.

Eventually life and its twists and turns took me where I am now: which is to hopefully help our customers introduce bicycles into their lives in the same way they were part of mine.

Jamie M.

I stopped riding bikes when I was 15 but eight years ago my wife and I wanted to get rid of one of our cars, so I started commuting to work by bike. I quickly remembered how much fun riding a bike is, and started riding on the weekends as well, eventually gravitating to charity rides and triathlons.

I love working in a bike store and helping people discover (or re-discover!) how good it feels to hop on a bike and go for a ride.


I can still remember the first time I rode on two wheels. It was my sisters bike, a pink My Little Pony BMX with training wheels. I had a three-wheel GI JOE trike, cause its the eighties and that's what everyone had then. I remember taking her bike, riding it around out front of the house and leaning on the training wheels trying to turn in circles as fast as possible. After getting dizzy from that and trying to get my bearings I noticed I could ride faster if I didn't lean on the training wheels. That was it, got the training wheels taken off and its been two wheels ever since.

When I was younger it was about exploring the neighborhood looking for trails and parks with friends. That took me to the next step getting a dedicated mountain bike and exploring farther. Now we were gone the whole day, going farther and farther. What was next, racing. Planning weeks long MTB trips on school summer vacation going to different MTB races traveling around BC and Alberta.

Being around bikes that much took me to the next step. Working on bikes. I got my first job at a bike store when I was fourteen. Since then I have been working with bikes and that has allowed me to work in bikes shops across Canada.

The one thing has stayed the same along the way, as long as I can ride a bike, I'm happy.  

George I.

George likes bikes.

Andrew W.

After riding cross country MTB for a few years my parents encouraged me to try a race, the Spoke Bender Classic, in Wentworth NS.  Not having any expectations or knowing the trail, I knew this race was going to be an adventure. At the time there were about 15 riders in my age class, all pretty new to racing. The course consists of steady climbing, fun but challenging single track, and then there's the fast fire road descents. When the race was over we were muddy, dusty and exhausted but I was hooked. Finishing in 4th place was better than I had hoped for and made me want to return to race year after year.  


I've been crazy about bikes since discovering my first mountain bike trail behind my elementary school. I ride year-round for fun and as my exclusive form of transportation. I probably enjoy wrenching just as much as riding and spend way too time in the workshop. Started working as a mechanic in Ottawa in 2009, with a break to finish my degree in mechanical engineering (which I mainly use to bug people when they use the words "tension," or "fatigue" inaccurately).

Favourite things in the shop are wheel building and confusing m'colleagues with obscure references. My most memorable ride is probably the last hour of my first 200k, riding a fixed-gear by moonlight after my lights had died.

My current favourite bike is probably my Velo Sport Prestige, in the middle of a long conversion to a light tourer, but my new Trek Stache is pretty cool.

Jon W.

I started cycling because it was the most efficient way to commute but it gradually took over my life. Riding means something different to everyone that gets on a bike, to me it's the difference between dreading being in a car stuck in traffic and looking forward to riding home every day (except maybe those few days in February). Whether I’m commuting, touring, or going for a weekend ride I always get the same feeling when I’m on my bike and that’s what keeps me coming back to it. Left to my own devices I’d be tinkering with bikes at home, luckily, I get to do that for my job and help keep other people rolling too. 

Favourite bike: Holdsworth Professional

JOsh g.

Cycling has always been a driving force in my life. As a teen I would spend entire days riding my Kona Pahoehoe (I loved how the decals glowed in the dark on night rides) around Truro and Victoria Park with all of my friends. We would spend hours building dirt jumps when we probably should have been doing homework. As a young adult I spent my time learning ways to help other aspiring cyclists and children learn new skills and cycling abilities. I love all forms of cycling, but mountain biking has always been my passion. I would often spend all my free time in the woods riding trails or maintaining them. I use any excuse to get out riding, I love the freedom of cycling. One of my favourite feelings is cleaning a new section of trail.

Mitchell m.

The bicycle has always played an important 'roll' in my life, growing up often without a family vehicle; it represented mobility and freedom, something I could depend on to take me where I needed to go. These values developed throughout university to become a passion, and upon finishing my studies in philosophy, I found myself beginning my career at Jack Nauss Bicycle Shop in Halifax. It was here that I began honing my skills in repair and ensuring others could come to depend on their bicycles for need and enjoyment. Having no desire in owning a car, anywhere I've wanted or needed to go has been by bicycle; to get from home to work, to visit my friends at the Earltown General Store, or to fulfill my dreams of cycling across France.

Odette c.

Cycling has played a large role in my life. I have been involved in cycling and racing from a young age and cannot remember a time as a kid where I didn’t enjoy riding my bike. This was always a fun way to spend time with family and friends outdoors. Through cycling, I have been able to meet some great people and spend countless hours riding in many different places, getting to explore different places to ride such as riding along a coastline or ripping through single track in the woods.   

SCott m.

I have been active in the Nova Scotia cycling scene since 2002. Being a past member of most of the cycling organizations locally and provincially. Cycling safety education and advocacy have been my two main areas of concern. I have been working at Cyclesmith since 2012 helping our customers make informed choices on bikes, clothing and parts. When I am not at work I like to ride my bike! Whether it be the short commute or squeezing in a ride before the family gets up in the morning. When I am not riding my bike I usually can be found hanging out with my son Simon and his mom. Swimming in Lake Banook in the summer, reading on the back deck or trying to get to Cape Breton for some camping. Favourite movie would be the Star Wars and Star Trek series. My favourite food would be Thai or pizza. Favourite rides would be in Annapolis Valley or an early morning ride around Peggy’s Cove.

Will m.

Will first got into cycling as an adult when I moved to the North End in 2011 when he purchased an entry level hybrid with the intention of getting from point A to point B. As time went on he began cycling more and more, beginning with his first taste of winter commuting during the 2012 Transit Strike, as well as expanding his horizons by purchasing a mountain bike. More recently he has dabbled in road riding, as well as getting involved with the trail building efforts of the McIntosh Run Watershed Association.

If he had to pick his favourite bike, Will would have to choose his first mountain bike, a 2012 Kona Splice. It was with his Splice that Will made many memories and experienced several firsts: his first race, his first jump, and his first-time riding trails that he had helped build.

When he’s not helping his fellow cyclists at Cyclesmith or out for a ride Will occupies his time by enjoying a nice meal, local beer, or coffee at any number of locations around town; taking in a documentary or comedy at home; or spending an evening playing board games with friends.

noah H.

Noah likes bikes.


I have been around bikes as long as I can remember. Growing up, bicycles were always the most fun way to release some energy, go fast, bounce around, and play with friends. ... Not much has changed!

I developed a deeper passion for riding when I started commuting on my bike over a decade ago. More and more, I starting playing with longer rides, different trails and terrain. The most important thing I have learned over the years on the saddle is that whether you are a first-timer or a veteran rider, you don't have to be an expert to have fun!

Come on in, we'll make sure you're ready to ride. Lets talk bikes ...