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Online Product Availability

Our online inventory is linked to and partially controlled by our suppliers, providing a dynamic feed of inventory available in-store and to order. There are three product status labels that you will see on our online store:

  • In Stock - This item is available in-store. Choose Curbside Pickup and have our fulfillment team let you know when it’s ready for pickup or Standard Ground with FREE shipping across Canada on orders over $99.

  • Ordered from supplier (expect shipping delays) - Your item will arrive at our store 7-14 days from the time of your order placement. Orders being fulfilled from multiple suppliers may add delivery time. You will be notified of any extended delays. Shipping times through Canada Post and courier services from Cyclesmith to customers are a separate delivery schedule.

  • Out of Stock - The item is not available in-store or to order from our supplier(s).


Part and Accessories

Some items are out of stock from our supplier(s) and may be back-ordered. If this should occur, we will only bill your credit card for merchandise that is actually shipped. We will send you a confirmation email before we ship the available products, about the back-ordered product(s). In the event of a product shortage, we reserve the right to substitute parts and accessories that are not materially different than the item ordered.


Bicycle inventory is currently limited due to the early season demand. We have a number of bicycles on backorder with a broad range of approximate delivery dates. To allocate a back-ordered bicycle to yourself we require a 100%, non-refundable deposit*. The allocation of bicycles is on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact us at

*deposits are available for an in-store exchange


Our in-store and online inventory are shared, and a balance is maintained to serve both online and local customers. We reserve the right to alter or cancel orders that affect our inventory balance. We will contact you if your order extends beyond our set limits.