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Bike Rebate

Instant Savings

$500 off at time of Purchase

Take advantage of our in-store rebate program, we apply the rebate at time of purchase and process the application to Electrify Nova Scotia. See our selection of Electric Bikes in store and online.

REbate Criteria

E-bikes purchased at Cyclesmith meet Electrify Nova Scotia's criteria and are eligible for a $500 rebate1.

  • The e-bike retails for at least $1,200, inclusive of sales and discounts, but exclusive of taxes and delivery fees.
  • The electric motor must be 500 watts or less and be capable of propelling the cycle no faster than 32 km/h on level ground without pedaling.
  • The motor must disengage when the operator: (a) stops pedaling, or (b) releases the accelerator or (c) applies a brake.
  • The motor cannot be gas- or diesel-powered.
  • The e-bike must be capable of being propelled by muscular power using the pedals, but it is not necessary to always be pedaling.
  • The vehicle must meet any other conditions in the Motor Vehicle Act and regulations (R.S., c. 293, s. 1).  
  • One rebate can be claimed per customer per calendar year.

1Rebates are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis and will remain available until the program budget is exhausted or the program is terminated.