Custom Bike Fitting Services

We eat, sleep and breathe cycling. Our limbs are branded with strange tan lines, all our socks have logos, and we sport helmet hair day in and day out. So, when we use our bikes, they need to fit!

Our personal bikes fit so we are comfortable, efficienct, and fast. Read more to see why Andrew and Stephane can help make your bike fit you better too.


A Cyclesmith Bike Fit is a process which involves assessing many factors, such as flexibility, strength, injury history, cycling goals and aspirations, and physical aspects of the body; your hips, spine, shoulders, arms, and leg length. Gone are the days of low and long "Italian race" fitting. No two riders have the same body; your body is unique in its measurements (it's what your parents gave you). A Cyclesmith Bike Fit is specially designed to fit your bicycle to you.

Regardless of your cycling aspirations, a Cyclesmith Bike Fit will optimize your position on your bicycle. This will minimize the risk of injury from overstressed muscles and joints while maximizing your cycling performance.

Riding a bicycle should be virtually pain free, as cycling is a low-impact activity compared to many sports. Injuries caused by riding generally are a result of improper bike position.

Your Riding Style is Key

Before proceeding, you need to have a clear idea of what your riding style is. You should ask yourself; "Why am I riding this bike?" Are you a commuter? Are you perhaps curious about long-distance tour riding? Are you a triathlete racing at an Ironman or at the local duathlon? Are you an aspiring racer, perhaps with dreams of the Tour that won't subside? Your bike fitting needs and associated package will differ according to your answer.

We offer four levels of Bike Fitting      

1. Bike Sizing

Complimentary with the purchase of a bike from Cyclesmith.

Making sure your bike is the right size set up properly from day one:

  1. Set up of saddle height
  2. Set up of reach adjustment
  3. Installation of shoe/cleat combo (optional)

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2. Basic Bike Fitting

Saddle, bar and Stem options in our Bike Fit Room

$100 (1 – 1.5 hours) **

Simple and efficient bike fitting, using proven methods.

  1. Interview to discuss previous injuries and concerns.
  2. Interview to discuss experiences and goals
  3. On bike contactpoint adjustments

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3. Standard Bike Fitting

We measure and assess

$175 (1.5 – 2 hours) **

Creating a rider’s optimal position: Designed for those riders looking to improve their riding position and comfort.

  1. Interview to discuss previous injuries and concerns
  2. Interview to discuss experiences and goals
  3. Standard Physical Assessment
  4. Standard StructuralAssessment
  5. On bike contact point adjustments

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4. Performance Bike Fitting

$250 (2.5 – 3 hours) **

The most complete fitting we offer: Designed for those riders looking to get the most out of their bike through a scientifically designed process with particular emphases on correcting biomechanics, physiological issues and body imbalances.

  1. Interview to discuss previous injuries and concerns
  2. Interview to discuss experiences and goals
  3. Complete Physical Assessment
  4. Complete StructuralAssessment
  5. On bike contact point adjustments
  6. On bike efficiency adjustments
  7. Free installation of recommended components
  8. Free follow up assessment

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** The above fittings are a one-on-one uninterrupted session with a professional trained bike fitter. All the fittings incorporate the use of professional bike fitting tools in our dedicated room. The fitting requires a short work out, including a warm up, and a few efforts on the bike. The fitting will require you to bring your bike, indoor riding gear, including: jersey, shorts, shoes, and pedals.


If you'd like to learn more about our fittings and/or have us fit your bike to you, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to fitting you soon!