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Custom Bike Fitting Services

Proper bike fit is especially important for people who cycle on a regular basis or ride longer distances. Without it, cycling can be uncomfortable, and even downright painful. Although many people don’t realize it, poor bike fit is often at the root of whatever afflictions may be keeping them from doing more cycling.The right fit makes all the difference. 

Bikes need to be comfortable and efficient. Although the starting point for getting a good bike fit isn’t overly complicated, there can be a lot of variables in getting it just right. We can help with a Cyclesmith Professional Bike Fitting.`


A Cyclesmith Professional Bike Fitting is a process which involves assessing many factors, such as flexibility, strength, injury history, cycling goals and aspirations, as well as physical aspects of the body, including your hips, spine, shoulders, arms, and leg length. No two riders have the same body, and we are all unique in our measurements.

Regardless of your cycling aspirations, a Cyclesmith Professional Bike Fitting will optimize your position on your bicycle, minimize risk of injury from over stressed muscles and joints, and maximize your cycling performance.

Riding a bicycle should be virtually pain free. Injuries caused by riding are generally a result of improper bike position.


Bike Fitting PACkage

$200 (1.5 – 2 hours) **

The most complete fitting we offer, designed for those riders looking to get the most out of their bike through a scientific process with particular emphasis on correcting bio-mechanics, physiological issues, and body imbalances. We will:

  1. Discuss previous injuries and concerns
  2. Discuss experiences and goals
  3. Complete Physical Assessment
  4. Complete Structural Assessment
  5. Perform on bike contact point adjustments
  6. Perform on bike efficiency adjustments

Book a Fitting

** The above fittings are a one-on-one uninterrupted session with a professionally trained bike fitter. All fittings incorporate the use of professional bike fitting tools in our fit room on the mezzanine level. The fitting requires a short work out, including a warm up, and a few efforts on the bike. Please bring your bike and indoor riding gear, including jersey, shorts, shoes, and pedals.


If you'd like to learn more about our fittings and have us fit your bike to you, please contact us to schedule an appointment.