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The Bicycle Boom

COVID-19 and the resulting global bike boom has caused a mass shortage of bicycles affecting our inventory of bikes for the foreseeable future. We want you to know that despite this shortage, Cyclesmith is still dedicated to getting as many people on bikes this season. We deal with some of the best brands in the world, and we have been working very closely with them to get bikes into the store in a timely manner. We encourage you to get in touch with us to explore your options for the 2021 season.

How to purchase a bike in 2021 

If you know the new bike you are interested in (make, model color and size), please contact us via email at and we can present you with your options.

If you do not know what bike you are looking for, we can still help you out. We suggest you come into the shop and have a chat with any of our amazing customer service staff. They will discuss with you your goals with the bike, where you want to ride and what you want to accomplish. They will then determine the right bike and right size for you. We even have a digital fit kiosk that will help us determine your exact size of bike required. Once this is completed, the staff member will access our ETA spreadsheet and let you know when the bike will be available. Once the bike is agreed upon, to secure the bike, we require a 50% - 100% after-tax deposit on the bike. 

The ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) provided by our manufacturers is their best assessment on delivery times. Please be aware that with the current global situation, there are many factors that can change this ETA suddenly. Once you have secured a bike for yourself, we will put your name on the bike and contact you when your bike is shipped. We will also contact you approximately every four weeks if your ETA has changed drastically from the original ETA.

What to expect when your bike arrives

Once your bike arrives from our supplier, it is immediately placed into our build queue. Cyclesmith employs a dedicated build team that has been responsible for preparing bikes for pick up as they arrive. Please note that bikes usually arrive from our manufacturers by the dozens and our build queue can become quite large. We prioritize building bikes for customers based on the original promise date and then by purchase date. This means that if you bought a bike from us that we promised to have in store for you by April 2021, your bike will be built sooner than the customer whose bike was promised to arrive by May 2021.

As the summer progresses, the backlog of pre-allocated bikes waiting to be built will increase as we continue to see more arrive from our suppliers. If you are interested in purchasing a bike from us, especially online, we recommend that you get in touch with us to see whether the bike is currently built. If the bike is not built, we will have the bike prepared for you as soon as possible, but understand that this could be a few days.

This is not the typical way we sell bikes, but it's the new reality we are working with.

Please note we are doing our best to help you out. Please be kind and patient. Know that there is nothing more that we would like to do than get you on a new bike, so we appreciate your understanding and patience while the bike industry learns how to react to these new challenges.

As always, please get in touch or stop by the store with your questions and concerns and we will work hard to meet your needs.

Ride Bikes, Have Fun, Feel Good.

Be safe

Andrew Feenstra
Owner, Cyclesmith