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A for Adventure

A for Adventure aims to inspire kids, families and people to get out and explore the world around them! We want to inspire the next generation to get outside and play, creating a foundation for a happier, healthier life... and a better life for our planet too!

We believe that spending more time outside connecting with nature helps to build greater curiosity, creativity and resiliency. By spending more time outside, we develop a greater appreciation for our planet and our need to protect it.

It all started with the 'A is for Adventure' children's book: a rhyming A-Z book, each letter a different activity or lesson, accompanied by incredible illustrations to ignite the imagination. Buy book HERE!


Chris is most alive when he’s outdoors. With a true sense of adventure, there’s not much that Chris hasn’t attempted at least once. He can often be found somewhere in the woods; hiking, camping and exploring this great province and country. His real passion is helping people and especially kids, experience the joy of adventure and the difference being outside in the natural world can make in our lives.


His youth was spent camping and adventuring on the shores of Nova Scotia – and he still hasn’t grown up. Jan is the author of the "A is for Adventure" children's book and co-founder of A for Adventure. Jan got his inspiration for the book through his years of guiding adventure trips all over the world and working with youth as a Recreation Therapist. While working with these youth and from his own personal experiences, Jan has realized the power of the great outdoors and has made it his life's mission to share that passion and help kids reconnect with the earth through adventure.  

The Chandler's

Outdoor adventure has been a priority for our family since our children were babies. Sharing new experiences together, outdoors and unplugged, has provided countless opportunities to challenge and support one another while creating treasured memories and life lessons. We believe it’s important for kids to have opportunities to “take risks”, push their comfort zones, and learn from the mishaps along the way.

Time outdoors has taught our girls how to respect and appreciate their natural surroundings, as well as independence and self confidence. Our hope is these experiences will serve them well wherever their life journeys lead. 

We enjoy activities we can do as a family, like camping, paddling, skiing, hiking, and most recently mountain biking! With the expansion of riding areas in Atlantic Canada access for family riding has never been greater.

We hope to see you and the young people in your life on the trail along the way!

Big thanks to Andrew Feenstra and his amazing team at Cyclesmith for all they do for our cycling community and families!

Alex, Alison, Madeleine, Anna.


Kimberly Watson

My name is Kimberley Watson (Kimmie, @mad_cyclist). I picked up cycling in the 1990’s but in 2007 the bug hit hard. I live in Halifax and when I started to work in Dartmouth I used my bike to commute. I work as a housekeeper in a nursing home; I love my job and I love my commute. I commute all year round. I don't own a car. Never will. My bikes are my cars. Yes I said bikes, I own 5. I met so many beautiful people in the cycling community and made amazing friends. I truly love my cycling. It's my everything and my inner peace. I am one with my bikes. Cycling changed my whole life for the better. I am a very lucky and blessed person to feel this good. For many years, Cyclesmith has supported me as a friend and as a customer.  

Josh Micheau

Mountain biking has always been an enormous part of my life. I started hitting gravel trails on training wheels at the age of four. I spend countless hours riding local trails, from Fight Trail in my backyard to the mountains of Kentville and Antigonish. I've had the opportunity to race out of province and proudly bring home winning medals.

To keep in top shape for grinding mountains, I stay active doing weight training, coaching, personal training sessions, and working at a local fighting gym. 

I am beyond grateful to Cyclesmith and their knowledgeable staff for all of their service and support throughout my journey thus far.

Instagram: Josh Micheau
Facebook: Josh Micheau

Brendon Camm

I'm a Halifax-based triathlete and if you were to see me on the race course today, you'd see a reasonably fit individual. But not long ago, I was on my way down a very dark, unhealthy, and unfulfilling path. Carrying an extra 150 pounds, I was stuck. I knew I needed to make a change. 

After losing a large majority of the weight, I was losing the flame. I was getting bored going to the gym and doing the same thing day after day. One day my friend mentioned he'd signed up for an IRONMAN. At the time I had no idea what an IRONMAN was. That night, I went home and watched hours of finish line videos and knew I needed to experience it.The following day I signed up for my first IRONMAN 70.3 and the rest is history. 

Since then, I’ve become completely addicted to the sport of triathlon. So much so I’ve even started a YouTube channel focused on my triathlon journey and helping others along their own endurance sport journey, whether that be triathlon or cycling. In 2020, I have a couple of big events coming up, IRONMAN 70.3 Mont Tremblant in June and I’ve also qualified to compete on the Team Canada age group squad at the ITU Grand Final in Edmonton this August. The team at Cyclesmith gets me to the starting line confident and the finish line strong and I’m pumped to have them come along with me for my 2020 journey. 

If you’re interested in getting into triathlon, cycling or are interested in following along on my 2020 journey, check out my YouTube channel ( & follow me on Instagram ( 

Lawrence Plug

I like riding bikes. Any type of bike. Pretty much anywhere.

Other Likes: Seeing more people moving under their own power through wild places, even their own backyard, in a way that mixes smiles and friendship with the occasional adrenaline hit and even cross-eyed levels of exertion. That's the stuff of life.

Lately I've been building and organizing mountain bike trails for the McIntosh Run Watershed Association, which is the first 'legal' singletrack for MTBs in the Halifax region (we're a bit behind out here). This is the best volunteer job EVER, because it combines great people, being in the woods, and moving large, heavy objects through a potent combination of stubbornness, hand-winches, and skinny-biker physiques. I've worn a few hats at Bicycle Nova Scotia over the years too: on-road advocacy, MTB advocacy, and race officiating. My race palmares (road and mtb) are present but meagre. My favourite events these days are techy MTB stage races and trail building.  

Fun fact: I've taught an upper-year university course called "Bicycle", which is likely Dalhousie's only course to combine peer-reviewed literature on traffic engineering with FTP tests at the beginning and end of the semester.

john mayo

My name is John Mayo. I’m a personal trainer living in Halifax. Although I've always been active in sport, I never thought I’d use the word cyclist to describe myself.

I used to ride an old junker bike to get to my friends' houses where I grew up in Lake Echo, but I never really caught the cycling bug because it always seemed like a such a chore. About a year and a half ago, I walked into Canadian Tire and bought the only road bike I could find and had one of my favorite summers ever riding it. The addiction became very real.

One night, I stumbled on a video of a guy doing a bikepacking trip. I'd never heard of bikepacking and knew immediately that it would become one of my passions. That night, I started planning a cross Canada trip as a fundraising and awareness ride for homeless shelters across the country. I'll head out in early May, 2020.

I mentioned this idea to Cyclesmith and they immediately got on board, helping me figure out all the logistics, including gear and route planning. I'm happy to have them on board, confident I'll avoid mistakes I most certainly would have made without their guidance.

You can follow me at John Mayo’s Instagram

MacKenzie Myatt

I'm originally from  Musquodoboit Harbour, but now based in Atlanta, Georgia at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I am a member of the Canadian National MTB Team, Cyclesmith Racing Team, Team Nova Scotia, and SCAD Cycling Team. I enjoy cyclocross and road, but am most passionate about racing mountain bike world cups. I study Creative Writing, am an avid poet, and ex-competitive gymnast.

I split my free time between the southern US, NS, British Columbia, and Europe. I got my start with the Cyclesmith Junior Racing team. #eastcoastbeastcoast

Follow Mackenzie on Instagram @kenzitmtber