Jeff Sangster

I was born in Halifax in 1972 and I returned to start my career as an Optometrist in 1998 at Insight Optometry. I am married with three kids and rediscovered cycling in 2014 when one of my kids showed an interest in the sport. We soon discovered and joined the former Cyclesmith Junior Racing Team. It was very different from other youth sports I had been involved with in the past, “you’re racing, too right?” “Um, yeah, I suppose I could…” Then I caught the bug.

I discovered a wonderful and supportive community of cyclists with common goals and passions. I absorbed everything I could like a sponge. I soon found myself ripping through the trails with some of the best riders in the province, who were always willing to share their riding tips and pearls of wisdom.

In 2015, my eyes were opened to another world. With the support of Oakley, I was given the opportunity to ride in l’Étape du Tour, which was a gruelling 142 km, 4500 m sportive of a stage of that year’s Tour de France. I came back to Canada excited and invigorated about my experience. Since that time, I have been fortunate to compete in GFNY Mont Ventoux, the Paris Roubaix Challenge and the Rasputitsa Gravel Road Race. I have also enjoyed riding in the Haute Pyrenees, Northern France, Flanders, the Ardennes and Girona. In 2019, I will be competing in the Haute Route Pyrenees, a demanding 7 day stage race.

Discovering some of cycling’s greatest roads and historic parcours has certainly been fuel for the fire, but my real passion is riding in the region in which we live… the people, the land, the ocean. We are blessed by natural beauty all around us that sometimes is easy to take for granted. It is easier to appreciate on two wheels when you can slow down and breathe in the salty air.

No matter where you travel in our region, it is easy to find other cyclists to ride with and discover new things; whether it’s a new café, a climb you have not done or a secret gravel road. I am grateful for the friends and connections I have made through local races, cycling clubs, regional fondos, charity rides and just getting out for a ride.

Cyclesmith has been a big part of my cycling journey and they have always been there for support and advice.

Social media:
Instagram @jeffsangster72

Brendon Camm

My name is Brendon Camm, I’m a Halifax based triathlete and if you were to see me on the
race course today you’d see a reasonably fit individual with signs of suffering on their face.
However, three short years ago that same person was well on their way down a very dark,
unhealthy & unfulfilling path. With an extra 150 pounds of fatty flesh and a mind that was
programmed to keep me from veering off of this scary path I knew I needed to make a
change. Trust me when I say that I tried many times before - different fad diets, calorie
restriction, cleanses the list goes on but with each attempt brought another failure.

Sure, some of them worked short term - I call these “band aids” but in order to find the
solution that would lead to consistent long term results I had to accept that this journey was
going to take time and dedication. My key to losing weight and keeping it off long term is
very simplistic and whenever someone asks me “How’d you do it?!” I feel silly saying it: “Eat
healthy, real foods and exercise consistently” waaaay easier said than done, I know. It truly
CAN be done and I want to inspire & help others that are in a similar spot to where I was
reach their fitness goals.

So where does cycling and triathlon fit into this story? After losing a large majority of the
weight I was starting to lose the flame - I was getting bored going to the gym and doing the
same thing day after day but one day my friend mentioned he signed up for an IRONMAN.
At the time I had no idea what an IRONMAN, or triathlon for that matter was but that night I
went home and watched hours of finish line videos and knew I needed to experience this.
The following day I signed up for my first IRONMAN 70.3 and the rest is history, I’m now
totally addicted. Since then I’ve completed two IRONMAN 70.3 events and qualified for Age
Group Team Canada to race at the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final this coming August in
Lausanne, Switzerland. I’m thrilled to be racing for Cyclesmith, they have been my go to
shop for my various needs during my triathlon career, their knowledge and friendliness has
kept me coming back time and time again!

Follow me on Instagram and YouTube to keep up to date with my triathlon & fitness journey!
Expect to see videos with tips for fitness/weight loss, triathlon specific videos and of course
we have to have fun along the way so expect some craziness mixed in!

If you are on your own fitness journey and need someone to talk to please send me an email
at and I will be more than happy to help you in anyway I can!

Lawrence Plug

Likes: I like riding bikes - any type of bike. And pretty much anywhere.

Other Likes: Seeing more people moving under their own power through wild places, even in their backyard, in a way that mixes smiles and friendship with the occasional adrenaline hit and even cross-eyed levels of exertion. That's the stuff of life.

Activities: Lately I've been building and organizing mountain bike trails for the McIntosh Run Watershed Association, which is the first 'legal' singletrack for MTBs in the Halifax region (yes, we're a bit behind out here...). This is the best volunteer job EVER, because it combines great people, being in 'da woods, and moving large, heavy objects through a potent combination of stubbornness, hand-winches, and skinny-biker physiques. I've worn a few hats at Bicycle Nova Scotia over the years too, from on-road advocacy to MTB advocacy to race officiating. My race palmares (road and mtb) are present but meagre. My favourite events these days are techy mtb stage races and, well, trail building.  

Little known fact: I've taught an upper-year university course called "Bicycle", which is likely Dalhousie's only course to combine peer-reviewed literature on traffic engineering with FTP tests at the beginning and end of the semester :-)

Corey Deveaux

Name: Corey Deveaux.
Born: 1983
Profession: School Teacher
From: Cape Breton
Sport: Triathlon

I started the sport of triathlon in 2011 and ever since it has become part of my daily life. Besides regularly competing in local races I’ve completed 5 Ironman triathlons, including two trips to the IM World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. My best race result and memory was winning Ironman Lake Placid in 2015. The camaraderie among athletes makes this sport very unique, and very fun. The people I’ve met through triathlon have become some of my best friends. I have been racing for Cyclesmith since 2013 and I couldn’t be happier with their products and customer service. 

Josh Micheau

Hello , my name is Josh Micheau from Halifax, Nova Scotia. During the day, I am a Red Seal
Pipefitter actively involved in constructing the new Halifax Convention Centre in the heart of the
city. For all other intents and purposes, I am an extreme mountain biking enthusiast.
Mountain biking has always been an enormous part of my life . From hitting gravel trails on
training wheels at the age of 4, to now sending the city's biggest stair gaps , jumps, and drops at
the age of 30.

To keep in top shape for grinding mountains, I stay active doing weight training, coaching
personal training sessions and working part-time at a local fighting gym.
I spend countless hours riding local trails. From Fight Trail in my back yard, to the mountains of
Kentville and Antigonish.

With my local Cyclesmith providing me with first-rate equipment, I've had the opportunity to race
out of province and proudly bring home winning medals.

I am beyond grateful to Cyclesmith and their knowledgeable staff for all of their service and
support throughout my journey thus far.

Currently, I ride a Rocky Mountain Slayer and a Rocky Mountain Element. They are both
phenomenal pieces of equipment which allow me to obtain some of the fastest trail times.
I love to get out and ride on any occasion , rain or shine!

Instagram: Josh Micheau
Facebook: Josh Micheau

Gavin Tucker

My name is Gavin Tucker. I'm a professional fighter and martial artist. I train several disciplines including Brazilian jujitsu, muay thai, wrestling and boxing. I've competed in several different combat sports outside the cage specifically submission grappling tournaments.   

I love what I do, and I do it because I love to test myself. If I'm not pushing, I don't feel I'm moving forward. I use my 2016 Kona Rove to help increase my endurance to further enhance my skills in the octagon. The bike not only helps my endurance, but it also allows me to clear my head and re focus when I need the break.

There's truly nothing I've found that test the limits of my physical capacity as well as my mental strength, and the rewards from it have really changed me as a person.

MacKenzie Myatt

Mackenzie Myatt is from Musquodoboit Harbour based in Atlanta, Georgia at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She is a member of the Canadian National MTB Team, Cyclesmith Racing Team, Team Nova Scotia and SCAD Cycling Team.  She enjoys cyclocross and road, but is most passionate about racing mountain bike world cups. She studies Creative Writing, is an avid poet and ex-competitive gymnast.

She splits her free time between the southern US, NS, British Columbia and Europe. She got her start from the Cyclesmith Junior Racing team :) #eastcoastbeastcoast

Follow Mackenzie here: