Lawrence Plug

Likes:   I like riding bikes - any type of bike. And pretty much anywhere.

Other Likes:  Seeing more people moving under their own power through wild places, even in their backyard, in a way that mixes smiles and friendship with the occasional adrenaline hit and even cross-eyed levels of exertion.  That's the stuff of life.

Activities:  Lately I've been building and organizing mountain bike trails for the McIntosh Run Watershed Association, which is the first 'legal' singletrack for MTBs in the Halifax region (yes, we're a bit behind out here...). This is the best volunteer job EVER, because it combines great people, being in 'da woods, and moving large, heavy objects through a potent combination of stubbornness, hand-winches, and skinny-biker physiques.   I've worn a few hats at Bicycle Nova Scotia over the years too, from on-road advocacy to MTB advocacy to race officiating.  My race palmares (road and mtb) are present but meagre.  My favourite events these days are techy mtb stage races and, well, trailbuilding.  

Little known fact: I've taught an upper-year university course called "Bicycle", which is likely Dalhousie's only course to combine peer-reviewed literature on traffic engineering with FTP tests at the beginning and end of the semester :-)

Corey Deveaux

Name: Corey Deveaux.
Born: 1983
Profession: School Teacher
From: Cape Breton
Sport: Triathlon

I started the sport of triathlon in 2011 and ever since it has become part of my daily life. Besides regularly competing in local races I’ve completed 5 Ironman triathlons, including two trips to the IM World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. My best race result and memory was winning Ironman Lake Placid in 2015. The camaraderie among athletes makes this sport very unique, and very fun. The people I’ve met through triathlon have become some of my best friends. I have been racing for Cyclesmith since 2013 and I couldn’t be happier with their products and customer service. 

Gavin Tucker

My name is Gavin Tucker.  I'm a professional fighter and martial artist.  I train several disciplines including Brazilian jujitsu, muay thai, wrestling and boxing.  I've competed in several different combat sports outside the cage specifically submission grappling tournaments.   

I love what I do,  and I do it because I love to test myself.   If I'm not pushing, I don't feel I'm moving forward.   I use my 2016 Kona Rove to help increase my endurance  to further enhance my skills in the octagon.   The bike not only helps my endurance, but it also allows me to clear my head and re focus when I need the break.

There's truly nothing I've found that test the limits of my physical capacity as well as my mental strength,  and the rewards from it have really changed me as a person.

MacKenzie Myatt

Mackenzie Myatt is a nationally competitive mountain biker and cyclocrosser.  She began collegiate road racing in the spring of 2016. The student-athlete is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Savannah College of Art and Design. In her first quarter, she made the USA Cycling Academic All Star Class with a GPA of 4.0, while training for, qualifying, and attending two Collegiate National Championships.

She got her love of all things cycling living on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, watching her father and older brother race.

She raced with Canada’s Elite as a first year U23 in the Canada Cup series. From a DNF at Mont Tremblant to two top 10’s in Hardwood and Saint-Felicien, it was a year of discovery and steady progress to transition to the Elite ranks. (U23’s race with Elites at the Canada Cup level).

Mackenzie was approached to ride for SCAD Atlanta last year when she was still in high school.  Now in her first year of college racing, she picked up a pair of Bronze medals at the USA Cycling Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals Championships in Snowshoe, West Virginia; one for her individual Cross Country race and one for the Team Relay. In January, she finished 6th at the USA Cycling Collegiate Cyclocross Nationals in memorably muddy Hartford, Connecticut.

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