Buildout of Agricola Location 2014

Cyclesmith was located on Quinpool Road for the last 29 years. We moved from our home of 20 years at 6112 Quinpool Road, because the owner of the building is tearing it down to build a lovely new 8-storey multi-use building on the site. We're sad to leave Quinpool but excited to be part of the revitalized Agricola Street North End.

We've moved to our new home at 2553 Agricola Street, in the same building as the Agricola Street NSLC. When we approached the building's owner, the building was in the process of a major redevelopment. The NSLC had moved from the front of the building to the back of the building. The plan was to gut the building down to its I-beams and rebuild it with a new building envelope. We struck a deal with the building's owner and found ourselves a new home in the North End.

Designed in 1949 by architect Charles Fowler, the Agricola Street property was originally a Dominion grocery store. In the late seventies, it became a Nova Scotia Liquor Commission store. It's been a well-known Halifax landmark ever since.

Since we are planning to stay a long time, we worked with the building's owner to have it rebuilt "our way". We retained the services of an excellent local design firm, Breakhouse Inc, to design the exterior of the building. The design concept was to give a good balance of natural light and energy efficiency.

Beginning in November 2013, the existing exterior walls were demolished and some of the roof-supporting I-beams were replaced. New walls were built and were insulated to an R-value of R45. The roof was re-insulated to an R50 value. This ultra-energy-efficient building envelope is supported with a new innovatively-designed HVAC system which uses the building's basement concrete structure as a massive heat sink. Air is fed from the roof-top HVAC system through a networks of ducts into the retail store, then travels down into the basement through a series of floor grills. In the summer, cool basement air is recirculated to the main floor; in the winter, warmer air is drawn from the basement to the upstairs. This energy-efficient design is an expression of Cyclesmith's commitment to the environment.

The new store also utilizes an innovative LED lighting system, featuring daylight sensors that automatically dim the lights on a sunny day and brighten automatically after dark. We worked with Efficiency Nova Scotia on the system which will save thousands of kilowatt-hours over the years, being good for the environment and good for the pocketbook too. The window layout of our new store is designed to capitalize on the afternoon and evening sunshine to save on lighting costs and provide a bright, cheerful space for our customers.

We hope you enjoy our new digs and invite you to drop by and visit soon.

Andrew, Mark, and Paul, and all of the Cyclesmith crew

Find our new store

If riding or walking to our new store (always the preferred option!), there are many ways to get to Agricola and North. 

If driving, you may need to wind around a little, as there is no left turn south onto Agricola when driving westbound on North St from the bridge. But, if you do travel onto the peninsula from Dartmouth, you've probably dealt with that for years! Lots of parking at our store, regardless of how you got here.